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3 Reasons Why Fear Kills You

Let’s face it. We’ve all suffered from it.

We’ve all been in a situation in which we have something we want to do in mind but when the time and the opportunity come we get all scared and simply don’t end the act, or worse, we don’t even try it!

A couple of weeks ago I realized that I have been guilty of this astonishing demonstration of weakness several times.

I’ve always wanted to go and study abroad and always thought about applying to a college in London but I never had the guts to do it and always thought I wasn’t good enough. Well, surprise, surprise, a couple of weeks ago two friends of mine came to me and said they had applied to London colleges, and both got in.

Can you imagine how I felt? How stupid? Frustrated? Do you want to know what the worst part was?

My grades were far better than theirs. Now, that’s something I deeply regret I didn’t do. Because of fear I didn’t apply to study abroad and now I can’t go. Isn’t that great?

The same happened with this blog. I’ve always tried to make everything perfect and know everything before I started, so fearful about failing, that I never really started it until now.

Now that I’ve understood that I can’t succeed without failing it is a lot easier to go ahead and try new things, to be brave.

Don’t run from fear.

#1 Fear Hides Your Talents
We get so closed up in fear, we don’t even try things. We don’t try things, we don’t experiment and we don’t evolve. And that’s really really bad for discovering yourself and your talents.

When you try something new usually you either like it or you don’t but sometimes you find out that you really like it. Isn’t that amazing? You found out something you like doing. What about when you find something you like doing and are good at it? Isn’t that even better?

That’s one of the main advantages of resisting fear. You discover new possibilities you did not even reckon as possibilities and you open new doors in your life.

#2 Fear Stops You From Trying
One thing that is evident when you let fear win is that you just don’t try. Not trying is, I’m telling this by personal experience, the worst thing someone can do. Not only you are missing opportunities by not trying but you are also not giving your best.

If I had tried and applied to study abroad, even if I hadn’t been accepted I would be sure that I had tried and I wasn’t missing something.

Most times when I try and do things, my brain just erupts and I start having tons of ideas for everything and more.

That’s how our brain works.

If you make it function, it’ll return you the double of what you need. Especially if you are doing something that requires logic and reasoning.

#3 Fear Makes You Think You Are Worse Than You Are
When you are afraid, all kinds of stupid, trivial doubts come to your mind. ‘Should I do that? Can I do that? What will others think? Nah, I can’t do it.’ This sort of doubts.

When you are afraid your mind gets all cloudy with doubts about yourself that, probably, most times aren’t real. Even if they’re real. Face them. Challenge yourself. Get out of your comfort zone. Yap, it will make you grow as a person.

‘That is easy to say. Hard to do.’
That is right. And that’s why most people fail to do so. You have to stop complaining and act. Action is the only way out. Force yourself to do things you are afraid of doing.

My example is this blog. I was and am afraid of the possibility of failure. But that’s no excuse. I had to create this blog and force myself to confront fear.

It is the only way out. Be fearless.

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