River Land Diving 4 Great Places You Never Thought to Dive in the U.S.

4 Great Places You Never Thought to Dive in the U.S.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada – Known for its topside winter fun, the depths of Lake Tahoe are frequently overlooked. Savvy divers know that the fun extends below the lake’s surface. Wrecks and interesting underwater rock formations provide hours of scuba entertainment. And, at 52 degrees (thanks, Strictly Scuba for that weather report!) the lake makes a great place to learn drysuit diving. And don’t say the locals lack a sense of humor – the Northern Nevada Dive Club just sponsored an underwater pumpkin carving event.

Detroit, Michigan – Winter comes quick in this northern clime, so scuba divers need to be creative to get their underwater fix. Dive companies, like Scuba Centers of Michigan, offer heated pools and an extensive list of certification classes to hone your skills. Lacking a nearby ocean, frequent quarry diving trips make everyone appreciate their next tropical vacation just a little bit more. And, dive centers put more effort into planning group trips to exotic diving locals so you don’t have to do the trip legwork – you just sign up and go diving!

Bonne Terre Mine, Missouri- Sixty miles south of St. Louis, the Bonne Terre Mine, active from 1870 to 1960, lies flooded and ready for adventurous divers. 500,000 watts of lighting illuminate the 24 dive trails that snake through the mine’s billion gallons of water (which stays a constant 58º F year round.) Divers tour natural phenomenon like calcium falls and rock pillars as well as manmade items like abandoned machinery and mining hand tools. It is such a unique experience that even Jacques Cousteau took the plunge here.

Washington State Coast – Incredible shore dives, dense kelp forests, and convenient offshore islands lure drysuit divers to this well kept secret year round. Hordes of octopi, wolf eels, rockfish, giant anemones, and seals delight divers willing to take the chilly plunge. Underwater playgrounds like Fort Casey Underwater Park and Edmonds Underwater Park are laid out for divers, using ropes and buoys to mark the “trails.” A variety of scuba shops both big and small offer divemaster-led trips or gear rental for do-it-yourselfers.

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