River Land Good To Know A Mindset That May Change Your Life

A Mindset That May Change Your Life

The only advice I have to give you and thus the only mindset I think you have to understand is the need to be unrealistic.

If you can grasp this perspective you shall change your life permanently. I guarantee you.

“Being realistic is the most common road to mediocrity.” – Will Smith

I first heard Will Smith saying this quote in a YouTube video and although it is a very short sentence it produced a gigantic impact in me. I reflected on it and realized he is right and possibly one of the things lacking in this world is some more unrealism.

One famous video in which Viktor Frankl explains why you should believe in others has a small explanation about this same theme we are talking about.

With an amazing analogy with airplanes and wind currents, Viktor explains that “if we take men as he really is, we make him worse but if we overestimate him, and look at him high, you know what happens? We promote him to what he really can be.”

That’s the secret folk. Be unrealistic.

Humanity has the need to be encouraged, supported and overestimated in order to achieve its maximum potential. If we don’t do this we are going to frustrate people, dumb them and kill their potential.

Be observant though, being unrealistic without the slightest drop of realism is probably going to kill you too. In order to achieve what your unrealistic goals predict you have to be sure to have solid and realistic minor goals. When you fail, and you will fail, you have to keep an optimist thinking, that’s the only way you’ll resist the fear of trying and get up again.

If you don’t keep this kind of attitude, once again, you might find yourself depressed, frustrated and dumbed down as you can’t accomplish the things you had in mind not because you didn’t work hard but probably because you didn’t set minor goals to achieve while you are on your way to greater goals.

There is no better time than now to start this mindset change, with this economic crisis and unemployment rates increasing at alarming rates there is a need that we start being unrealistic and innovators in order to find our way out of all this.

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