About Us

Dave and Marjory have been diving since 1999 when they found themselves living in paradise and have loved it ever since. They now call Florida their home and have started exploring the Florida coast for great dives and there are lots of them.

Marjory is a PADI certified Discover Scuba Diver Leader which is a fancy name for a divemaster who can take uncertified divers on dives in extremely gentle conditions like you’d find in bathtubs, swimming pools and small sandy bottomed ponds. This is as far as she was willing to go in her dive education despite severe pressure from her more adventurous full-fledged dive instructor husband Dave.

When we are not diving for fun, Dave takes on the occasional diving student while Marjory is exploring the dizzying world of internet marketing. This blog is the perfect marriage between the two. Hope you enjoy our adventures.