River Land Good To Know Are You Prepared? Back Up Your Life.

Are You Prepared? Back Up Your Life.

Have you ever heard about this sentence? It is so true it hurts.

I bet you often notice that the things you are not expecting to happen are usually the ones that happen and the ones that give you more problems.

In life you can’t always have everything backed up and we all know that. You can’t simply press a button to back up things and undo all the mistakes you made or mischances you had whenever you fell like doing it. So, if we can’t back up things in life, we have to go the other way around – we have to be prepared.

Always being prepared for every possibility, every opportunity that falls on your lap or being prepared for all the things you know might go wrong is essential in life.

Unpredictability appears at every corner of life.

It is a must to always be prepared and ready to answer with our best. And there is really no reason we can’t. We only need few steps to achieve a level of preparation that gives us enough freedom to solve all the problems unpredictability comes up with. Or at least spend less time solving them.

The Story
Few weeks ago it came knocking on my door. I lost my blog.

Hours and hours of hard work wasted. Posts, drafts, customized settings, theme changes, everything. I had lost everything. I couldn’t believe, I was so pissed off I couldn’t think straight but then I remembered.

The same day my blog was gone and I lost everything, was the same day I decided to back up my blog for the first time just in case something could happen.

Now, tell me, isn’t that perfect timing?

Backing up my blog was the best thing I did all weekend – it saved me from ruining one month of work on this blog. If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t have been able to keep every little thing I had spent my month working on.

This is a true story. I felt so lucky and I realized that being prepared is of extreme importance. I’m not the kind of guy who is usually prepared for every eventuality in life, though I am a guy with some method, most times I find myself doing things at the last minute just because I was lazy to do them when I had free time.

Wake Up!
Almost losing my blog was a sort of wake up call to stop doing things at last minute and try to be prepared for when they happen. Try to back up my things as much as I can, for example, when I’m writing an article, I try to save it regularly just in case and save a copy in my computer instead of just having the posts on my blog.

If you are like me and want to change or at least want to give it a try (we are all different and some people really work well without method or preparation) start with small steps.

Small changes like doing your homework at the end of the day instead of amassing it to the weekend or doing the dishes when you finish eating instead of leaving them for tomorrow. If you know that you still have too much work to do during the weekend try to finish it in your spare time at the office instead of bringing work to home. Amassing “to-do” things won’t help you in being prepared for every possibility.

Those little things may have a good impact in the big picture of things. Above all, try to be prepared and prevent how your week will go, or how your day will go. Act accordingly to that and try to do small changes, and evolve every day.

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