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4 Great Places You Never Thought to Dive in the U.S.4 Great Places You Never Thought to Dive in the U.S.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada – Known for its topside winter fun, the depths of Lake Tahoe are frequently overlooked. Savvy divers know that the fun extends below the lake’s surface. Wrecks and interesting underwater rock formations provide hours of scuba entertainment. And, at 52 degrees (thanks, Strictly Scuba for that weather report!) the lake makes a […]{...}

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Mexico’s Cenotes – Yes, they’re that goodMexico’s Cenotes – Yes, they’re that good

Thanks to CNN for recently noting that the Mexican cenotes are the place to be. Here’s author and periodic contributor MB on the caves that divers have enjoyed for years. Divers are always looking for the next big adventure. Somewhere in history a diver decided that scuba diving in the Mexican oceans lost its […]{...}

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