River Land Diving Delray Beach Wreck Dive – Octopus, Blenny & Highhats – oh my!

Delray Beach Wreck Dive – Octopus, Blenny & Highhats – oh my!

Well, I’m finally healthy so today we decided to make our way out to the Delray Wreck. We were a group of four – me and Dave and our friends Jeff and Cara. Not much of the wreck was visible – there’s quite a lot of sand out there these days but we did manage to find the boiler. At first, we were a little nervous – there was a group of spear fishermen out there and with the visibility not so good, we didn’t want to risk becoming prey.

But by the time we were ready to dive, the fishermen were gone and we had the wreck to ourselves.
We saw a fair amount of wildlife:

-a little eel
-some juvenile high hats

But the biggest thrill was an octopus.Octopus

If you look closely you can see his little pink eyes. Anyway, we had a good time – not the best visibility but it’s always great to be diving.

Postscript: I’m not sure what kind of Blenny that is – if anyone has any ideas, let me know.

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