River Land Diving Screaming Frogs and Other Wildlife Nightmares

Screaming Frogs and Other Wildlife Nightmares

When we first moved into our new house, the sort of fountain pond thing out by the pool was full of tadpoles and green water. It was a bit unsightly but other than the fact that the tadpoles kept trying to spread to the pool, it wasn’t too alarming.

What was alarming was the screaming of the frogs in the evening. As often as I looked, I couldn’t see the frogs but I could sure hear them. They were deafening! Some people might want to get rid of the frogs. That didn’t cross my mind. I like to complain.

A few months ago, while trying to fix the pool pump after I got a little too aggressive with the pool vacuum (did I mention I’m a new homeowner and I break stuff?), my husband figured out how to drain the pond.

The frog screaming stopped. I miss it. …. And I feel guilty.

So, is it too late? If I fill up the pond again, will the frogs come back?

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